Aroma ARC-998 Rice Cooker Review

The Aroma ARC-998 is an eight cup digital rice cooker. You can use it to make up to 16 cups of rice perfectly every time. It’s also useful for making stews and soups. You can find this model for an average price of $40. Click here┬áto learn about some of the other features that it offers.


The Aroma ARC-998 rice cooker is equipped with a digital control panel. It offers functions for many different types of rice. You can also use the steaming function to cook meats and vegetables inside the unit using the steam tray.


The Aroma ARC-998 has a stainless steel exterior with black accents. The exterior is designed to resist smudges, so the unit stays looking its best. The machine is also fitted with a cool-touch exterior for an added measure of safety.


The Aroma ARC-998 rice cooker is fitted with a non-stick inner pot. This allows you to clean it with ease. The inner pot isn’t removable, so you will need to wash the machine by hand. The unit is also fitted with a water reservoir which helps remove excess condensation.


As you already know, the Aroma ARC-998 cooks up to 16 cups of rice at a time. After the rice has finished cooking, the unit can automatically switch to keep-warm mode to keep your rice at an ideal temperature without overcooking it. This mode can keep your rice warm for up to 12 hours.


The Aroma ARC-998 is packaged with a measuring cup so you can add the right amount of ingredients each time. You’re also provided with a steam tray for steaming meats and vegetables with the unit. The included spatula is useful for removing rice from the pot to serve. This model is backed by a one year limited warranty.

The Aroma ARC-998 rice cooker can cook up to 16 cups of rice at a time. The digital control panel offers a variety of functions for different types of rice. The non-stick inner pot makes for easier cleaning, but it isn’t removable so you’ll need to wash it by hand.